green sun tea

It's been green sun tea kinda weather.Greentea_Jul2014_lores

I was born in 1975, a time when there were no computers. Last night, I found myself telling my son what it was like to grow up without an iPad, and YouTube. My husband's a computer programmer, needless to say we have a lot of computers in our house. I recently got a new 27" iMac, and here's the first piece I made with it. The tiles are cut paper, the sun tea, and plant are gauche, and all the drawing is pencil. I used photoshop to collage it all together. I love the piece, I think it successfully conveys a feeling of happiness and the technique is a direction I'm excited to go in. The only problem is that it only exists virtually.

I studied art at MCAD in the early 90's when computers where just beginning to be a real tool you needed, but they were still only used by designers. I loved, screen printing, paper making,puppets, books and paintings, all real art that you can hold in your hands. So, I'm reflecting on how I got here. I think real art is important if not somehow slightly superior to digital art, and I think it looks better hanging on the wall. I decided to embark on a real collage series, a collection of originals that can just be hung on the wall without the use of photoshop or illustrator. In fact, I'm redrawing a piece right now and I can't wait to share it here soon.