the global talent search

mannaers-are-important-blog-version-med-res This is my t-shirt design for The Global Talent Search. When I got the assignment to make an animal with character for a children's t-shirt. I knew immediately I'd make something that would be unisex. My son Oslo is 3, and it's really hard to find him cute clothes. My criteria for choosing clothes for him is that they can't be dumbed down, I like a sophisticated color palette for children.One of my favorite children's labels is BoBo Chooses, they do very simple and sophisticated designs for kiddos, so they were definitely my inspiration.  The words are from a song that Oslo sings at preschool, when he first sang it he was singing "Minnesota Portland", but it turned out the words were "Manners Are Important". Please go and vote, there are a lot of good designs to choose from and you can vote for up to five per email address right here.