santa paola We are patiently waiting for our belongings to arrive in Portland. I just received this update: "We’d like to inform you that MV Santa Paola 0249-030W originally planned for sailing ex Rotterdam on 21/06/2014 is facing delay due to severe weather on her previous Atlantic crossings and port congestions in Port of New York."

Godspeed Santa Paola, I can't wait to sleep on my bed again.


rihila-smaller I made a flower for Rahila. I try not to follow the news too much but I recently read that these girls knew their school was under threat of terrorism and they still went in to take their finals. I spent most of mothers day drawing this and thinking about Rahila's mother, my heart is with you. Check out Blooms of Nigeria to see more flowers.

tout est possible

abstract-1- anais-nin


As I mentioned before I'm taking an illustration class. Each week it focuses on a different market in the art licensing world. This week we learned about the wall art market. I really enjoyed the process of making an abstract painting, even under the somewhat tight constraints of this assignment. We were to work square and include collage, words, and flowers. Our colors were assigned, I had yellow and green. I do, feel like I rushed it a bit only taking one week to work on these 3 canvasses. I'm excited to explore this style further.


Processed with VSCOcam with s4 preset In all my spare time I just want to paint Amsterdam, I have yet to see a city more beautiful. We are moving back to Portland soon and I'm feeling like time keeps speeding up. I'm not ready.