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epicerir_lowres_anisamakhoul_2014 I've got four paintings going on right now, this is exciting because I've decided that it's the space in between the paintings that I dislike. I'm actually very uncomfortable when I don't have a creative project going on. I think I read somewhere that Hemingway would stop writing for the day in the middle of the sentence. This makes a lot of sense to me.


unselfishness_2014_lowres I accidentally purchased the book "The Flowering of American Folk Art" on Amazon. There were no picture of the inside and I thought it was a book of folk flower patterns. It was a happy mistake, I guess I didn't realize just how much I love American folk art. I've been experimenting with my own folk art, and painting with coffee. This one even has a bit of frozen coke in it, since that was what I happened to have handy when I needed a bit more brown I just went with it.

the global talent search

mannaers-are-important-blog-version-med-res This is my t-shirt design for The Global Talent Search. When I got the assignment to make an animal with character for a children's t-shirt. I knew immediately I'd make something that would be unisex. My son Oslo is 3, and it's really hard to find him cute clothes. My criteria for choosing clothes for him is that they can't be dumbed down, I like a sophisticated color palette for children.One of my favorite children's labels is BoBo Chooses, they do very simple and sophisticated designs for kiddos, so they were definitely my inspiration.  The words are from a song that Oslo sings at preschool, when he first sang it he was singing "Minnesota Portland", but it turned out the words were "Manners Are Important". Please go and vote, there are a lot of good designs to choose from and you can vote for up to five per email address right here.

green sun tea

It's been green sun tea kinda weather.Greentea_Jul2014_lores

I was born in 1975, a time when there were no computers. Last night, I found myself telling my son what it was like to grow up without an iPad, and YouTube. My husband's a computer programmer, needless to say we have a lot of computers in our house. I recently got a new 27" iMac, and here's the first piece I made with it. The tiles are cut paper, the sun tea, and plant are gauche, and all the drawing is pencil. I used photoshop to collage it all together. I love the piece, I think it successfully conveys a feeling of happiness and the technique is a direction I'm excited to go in. The only problem is that it only exists virtually.

I studied art at MCAD in the early 90's when computers where just beginning to be a real tool you needed, but they were still only used by designers. I loved, screen printing, paper making,puppets, books and paintings, all real art that you can hold in your hands. So, I'm reflecting on how I got here. I think real art is important if not somehow slightly superior to digital art, and I think it looks better hanging on the wall. I decided to embark on a real collage series, a collection of originals that can just be hung on the wall without the use of photoshop or illustrator. In fact, I'm redrawing a piece right now and I can't wait to share it here soon.